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TED 2013 Master Classes

TED 2013 is just a couple days away and Autodesk will be there. TED is devoted to 'ideas worth spreading' and the conference began by bringing together three worlds: Technology, Entertainment and Design. Autodesk is a proud sponsor to this inspiring global community.

Among the many activities this year, there are two Autodesk masterclasses. Of particular interest to sketchbook.com readers, Chris Cheung (of the SketchBook team) will be hosting two sessions entitled Drawing for Competitive Advantage. This class will explore this communication tool and aims to inspire and seed the incredible potential of how drawing can benefit many work situations, not to mention everyday life.


Today's grand challenges are truly wicked. They are tough to describe and defined by complex ever-shifting interdependencies. Most of the political, environmental, economic, and strategic battles raging across the world are wicked problems, which have no single right solutions, only trade-offs between multiple stakeholders with opposing motivations. This masterclass, taught by long-term TEDster, Singularity University Professor and Autodesk Fellow, Tom Wujec, shows how to identify wicked problems and apply a range of effective approaches to unpack core dilemmas, map consequences, and produce clearly articulated tradeoffs - collaboratively. See how making ideas visible, tangible, and consequential and why it is the key to tackling the world's wicked problems.

Tom Wujec - Long-term TEDster, Singularity University Professor and Autodesk Fellow.


The capacity to formulate and express ideas visually is more valuable than ever in today's changing business world. Join designer, visual thinker, and technology creator, Chris Cheung, to see how the simple act of sketching can bring clarity to a remarkably wide variety of business situations - from explaining what to do and how to do it to illustrating who needs what and when they need it. You may be surprised to see how even simple stick-man drawing skills can be transformed into a valuable business asset.

This workshop will take a broad look at 'drawing' and blur the lines between the history, artistic technique,  'technology', and pipeline. Some additional fun will also be had with hands-on exercises, using traditional pen & paper.

*Special thanks to Wacom, Copic, Epson, and Ten One Design for supporting Autodesk with this workshop.

Non-traditional product management - Chris often applies personal skills & interests (including drawing and cooking) into his business approach for SketchBook. The masterclass builds around this theme.

Feb. 27, 2013 - Update

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