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iPad 2.8 Update

SketchBook Pro for iPad 2.8 is now available on the App Store.

This update includes a few notable new features that address a couple of popular requests.  

We've replaced the previous smear brush with the new Smudge engine from the SketchBook Pro 6 desktop version. With this new blending feature, many painting effects and techniques that were previously difficult to produce are now possible.

Also, we have introduced a new Timelapse Record feature, which allows for easy capture of speed painting movies. You can capture a full session or explicitly record parts of a drawing, to save movie files directly into the Photo Library. Since we need to do a fair bit of editing to make speed painting movies on the desktop, it is pretty cool that it can now be done so effectively on a mobile device.

What's New Highlights:

✓New Smudge Brush 
✓Time-lapse Record – save speed drawing sessions directly to your Photo Library 
✓UI updates 
   • New toolbar pop-over for Text, Transform & Time-lapse Record 
   • Brush Palette now scrollable with 24 customizable slots 
   • Palette also includes quick access to Smudge & Last Brush 
✓ New social media export to Weibo (Chinese)
✓ Stylus button actions with supported 3rd party pens 
✓ Pencil on page 1 improved brush quality with smaller min radius
   • Some users will need to reset this brush before seeing the new results
✓ Bug fixes & Stability improvements

This update is free to all SketchBook Pro for iPad customers. You can read more about the new features in the updated documentation: Click Here to go to our documentation page.

For our customers on other platforms, please stay-tuned, other updates are in the pipe!