Sightings - Syfy's Dream Machines

Dream Machines, Syfy's new reality series about the conception and build of high end concept cars, premiered last week.  In the first episode,  Rapper 50 Cent commissions the Parker brothers (Marc & Shanon) to create a Formula One race car inspired by a futuristic spaceship. 

SketchBook Pro and a Wacom Cintiq 24 make a cameo, playing a key role during the concept phase.

Shanon Parker visualizing a concept for 50 Cent on SketchBook Pro.

Check it out on Syfy (U.S.) or Space (Canada).




This is our first year attending Chicago's Pop Culture Event, C2E2, at McCormick Place.  With the help of Wacom and Epson, we have a complete digital sketching station set up at booth #591.  

Special thanks to the artists who are spending time in our booth to draw for the fans, including Kyle Runciman, Skottie Young, Matthew Fletcher, Christopher Uminga & Billy Fowler.

We will update this post as C2E2 runs through the rest of the weekend!  If you are there, drop by to visit the team, Kyle, Bing & Selvi!

SketchBook running on 2 Cintiqs with R2000 printers blazing out original C2E2 creations.

ARTIST ALLEY - Billy Fowler, Chris Uminga & Matt Fletcher

FUN FOR ALL AGES - (Left) Skottie Young doing some live sketching; (Right) Young artists give SketchBook a whirl.


Sightings - Digital Artist Issue 23

Cladio Juliano is a Long Island-based graphic designer & professional artist with a passional for visual communication.  He was featured in issue 23 of Digital Artist Magazine, sharing tips for creating a T-shirt design with popular appeal as well as an indie edge.

"I did some commissioned art work and a tutorial for Digital Artist Magazine where i show how a lot of the time i start the process  with sketchbook pro on my ipad.  I've been using the app since the release and it's become a large part of my creative process!"

Thanks for sending us this cool SIGHTING, Cladio!  Be sure to check it out on page 75 of Digital Artist Magazine!

Learn more about Cladio Juliano at

★ If you catch any cool sightings of SketchBook from anywhere in the world, email us and let us know!


Art for Hope Interview - Jacques Pena

Art for Hope

Jacques Pena is a full time Digital artist, providing work for such companies as Sony Online Entertainment, Harmonix, Neoscape Inc, Maxon and Autodesk.

Jacques is currently Senior Artist and one of the founding members of Fire Hose Games in Boston.

When I was presented with the project Art for Hope, it came at a time where I really had to remind myself, how much impact art really has on the world. One thing about working professionally, during production, especially when its months and months of continuous work, its easy to forget how helpful and how much a difference an artist can make, especially when its to helping a good cause. Everyone knows the tragedy in Japan, I wasn't going to say no. Even if I wasn't presented with the project, giving the opportunity I would of just volunteered.

My art piece "Love", went through many iterations. It was a product of regressing, until I actually found  something that hold as much meaning and power as the project itself.

Early iterationsIt had to be special, it had to hold visually and express the message of hope I wanted. It was a personal challenge, that I cared about so much, I didn't want to mess it up.

'Love' - Final version'Love' - work-in-progressI think its really hard to try and express how much meaning hope has. There were tons of meanings, going into the project, that I had to really try to give my interpretation. Looking at what is happening currently on earth, what views and politics I have encountered personally, and idels for the futures. I had to write a few sentences about the project, this was written before the final art. Its more then just a message of peace, its a way of looking at each day, and try to put a small foot print in making a positive difference. The Artwork fell in perfectly, after I actually got a chance to really sit back, and decide the meaning.

The project did change a few things for me. It helped me re-establish an ideal I once knew, during my painting and canvas days, creating something that helps the community and portrays a positive breakthrough to observers. Looking at my portfolio, and bodies work that were done in the past, I reflect now on the future of the imagery I produce, and try to fit in more, a key message, to the world.

My art is considerably a strong Abstract Perception of a subject. Its the chaos in abstraction, that drives my creativity. I'm a heavy Sci-Fi guy, everyone who knows my work, knows that. But, given that subject, there is more. Its not about a spaceship or robot for example. Its taking the key subject element, separating it from its original form, into more of a different way of thinking about the subject and attacking it artistically. Everything is open at that point, things can be seen in a new way.

Kinetica & BrokenI became an artist, cause that's my lineage. My father and mother are artist, it was always there growing up. My purpose was pretty much written from the start. From the earliest years that I can remember, art was always part of it. From middle school till college, I knew my path. My parents knew, with exceptional skill, Art will provide me with everything I need in life. Amazingly it has.


Check out more of Jacques work at:



Shanghai Event

As part of our mini-Asia tour, we are hosting a special event in Shanghai on March 27, 2012.  As luck would have it, C.B. Cebulski, SVP at Marvel, will be in town checking out local talent, so will be our guest of honor.  In addition to Chris Cheung & the SketchBook team, we will be joined by a number of designers and artists from the local Shanghai scene, so ample opportunity to get inspired and make new connections!

SketchBook Sina Blog


C.B. Cebulski. 美著名的漫画家,其代表作为《Marvel Fairy Tales》系列漫画。 包括了《 X-Men Fairy Tales 》,《 SpiderMan – Fairy Tales 》等。现任神奇漫画(Marvel)公司资深副总裁,负责全球创新艺术家招募。


潘丽萍(阿梗)版画艺术家, 自由漫画师,插画师,中国美术家协会会员,广西艺术学院讲师,德国kubo艺术机构漫画课程客座讲师。 2002年作品入选第五届亚洲漫画高峰会原作展,2004年作品获东方国际原创动画漫画艺术大赛“最佳漫画造型奖”。代表作有:《尼泊尔人》,《踮脚张望的时光》等

黄嘉伟, 青年漫画家, 毕业于广州美术学院雕塑系,主要作品有《伢三》, 《致命的爱》, 《ZAYA》, 《倒悬的天空》等,其中《伢三》、《ZAYA》等作品已在法国出版。

黎明,毕业于广州美术学院,广州美术学院动漫系外聘讲师,Wacom 专家委员会成员,广州奇妙文化活动策划有限公司创作总监。2010 年入选创意中国网中国Top100 插画师。

Kyle Runciman. Autodesk概念设计师和插画师,主要负责SketchBook产品的前期概念设计。 Kyle是一位隐藏在幕后的艺术家,大多数SketchBook的官方演示视频以及绘画作品均出自Kyle之手。

诸海波,前职业模特,24年的绘画经历,10年的数码绘画经验,精通各种数码移动设备的绘画,擅长Lifestyle类型的时尚插画。中国美术学院上海设计学院培训中心特聘讲师,个人著作:《无敌手绘工场》,《自说自画——Photoshop CS2电脑绘画技法》。曾获得2011 Macworld Asia 苹果达人大赛特别大奖(iPad绘画)。

Chris Cheung (張以行), Autodesk SketchBook全球资深产品经理,从业15年,主要产品包括Autodesk Alias Studio, Autodesk SketchBook等。Chris是SketchBook产品创新的领导者,带领SketchBook团队将产品推向移动平台并取得巨大成功。就在前不久,Chris受邀在Apple 新的iPad发布会上演示了新一代的矢量绘图软件SketchBook Ink。

Special thanks to Wacom for their support with this event!