Featured Sketch This Challenge: Colour As Emotion

Are you as excited about Sketch This as we are? We've got an extra special treat for you. Each month, the SketchBook team will choose one challenge from Sketch This to be a featured challenge. We'll announce the challenge right here on the blog! Anyone who enters the featured challenge will be eligible for gifts given out randomly during that month. How will you know if you won something? We'll contact you through DeviantArt if you've been chosen. Sounds good, right? Enter the featured challenge, and you just might get lucky! So without further delay, here's the featured challenge until January 10th!   

The colours I paint with talk a lot. They speak of love, of power, of past, all with their corresponding hues. So, my challenge for you: Paint a scene where an emotion is depicted through colour. Colours and emotions are natural allies: that burning red of anger, the radiant gold of tenderness, the hazy sepia of nostalgia. Get creative with combinations, you may depict any emotion you choose, using as many or as few colours as you like, in whatever scenario your imagination devises. I love art because it can be such a powerful medium of connection, so I would love if your drawing made me feel something! - DestinyBlue


About DestinyBlue:

DestinyBlues paintings weave stories through colour and symbolism. Bristling with emotional electricity her works are instantly recognizable by their luminous colours and thought provoking concepts. Tugging at heartstrings, each painting invites you into another girl's world.

Not doing commissions, or drawing for anything other than personal joy - and an emotional outlet - Blue works hard to keep her content independent and original. She travels the world to conventions, where she meets her supporters, sells her creations, and shares her stories.

Take part in his challenge for a chance to win a Wacom Intuos Pro Small, thanks to our friends at Wacom!

You can find Sketch This on mobile devices in the latest version of SketchBook. Click on the menu button, and then select Sketch This. Scroll through the list of challenges for you to draw- from simple to complex. Find 'Color As Emotion' and take a dive into this challenge!







How To Paint From a Photograph Tutorial

Do you need a last minute holiday gift for someone special? Paint a portrait for them digitally using this drawing tutorial by Anne Liu. 

Here's a sneak preview (Click for full tutorial):


She takes you step by step from creating the sketch, using the right tools, and finishing your portrait in Autodesk SketchBook. Get started today and brighten someone's holiday this season. Check out more of Anne's amazing artwork over on her DeviantArt page!


Ken Lashley & Autodesk Sketchbook : Just Draw


Ken Lashley, prolific comic book artist talks about his ImagineFX Batman cover, Black Panther, and the possibilities of digital painting in SketchBook Pro. Get Ken's digital Batman issue now! Available on Apple or Android & PC.

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Black Friday Sale & TsaoShin Digital Painting Tutorial

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Already got membership? Purchased the tool pack last year? Well, hang on - we've still got a holiday present for you.  

 Master of cute, TsaoShin, created this SketchBook tutorial especially for you. Learn all his tips and tricks to create smooth blending, choose the right colors, and texture fluffy fur. Check it out now!


Drawtober 2015 Wrap Up



Drawtober 2015 was an amazing success! Thank you to everyone who drew with us during October. The SketchBook team picked out a few of their favorite entries, and we put them together in a video tribute. 



Check out all the Drawtober entries here on DeviantArt, and the SketchBook team’s selections here. We can't wait 'till next year!